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Data Recovery Process
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How does the data recovery process work?

Normally, the data recovery process begins by customers calling or emailing Data Recovery 24/7. Once the customer has an initial telephone or email consultation, the hard drive is sent to Data Recovery 24/7 for inspection and analysis. A data recovery technician will inspect the media and produce a data recovery report which will provide the following information:

  1. Nature of the media failure i.e. logical, physical, electro-mechanical etc;
  2. Whether the data is recoverable and if is, what the success rate of data recovery will be in percentage;
  3. How much the cost of data recovery will be exactly i.e. a firm written quotation will be provided;
  4. How long the whole data recovery process will take;

The report which will be emailed to the customer within 24 hours will be deemed as a free data recovery analysis which does not carry any obligation.

Data Recovery ProcessUpon receiving your approval to proceed, your hard drive will be "cloned", to safeguard the integrity of your data as all recovery procedures are performed on an exact sector by sector duplicate of your original drive and queued for the actual data recovery procedures.

If your hard drive is repairable, and passes all the "hard drive fitness test" then we will return your data on your repaired drive. If it is determined that your drive cannot be repaired or the repair is temporary just for the sake of data recovery, we would then return your recovered data in a variety of ways, including copying it onto a new hard drive or writeable CD/DVDs. If you have brought your laptop or PC for data recovery, then we would replace the faulty hard drive, reload your Operating System and copy the recovered data back onto the computer's new hard drive. (Additional costs may apply in this case therefore we will seek your approval before doing so.)

The data on the image media would be tested for accessibility and integrity and that the critical files open within their respective programs, any further logical repairs are made if necessary.

We will keep a copy of your data for 8 days week to ensure the successful your data has been received safely. After 8 days, your data will be automatically erased from our data recovery servers.

Defective Hard Disk Drive Heads: Commonly known as the 'Click of Death'. Your hard drive is on its way out, along with your  data. When the drive initially powers up, a logical procedural check is initiated to ensure that the drive has gained the required level of speed before positioning the heads across the platters. If the drive does not reach a 'Ready' state, the logic is repeated for a set number of times causing a clicking sound, after which it stops trying. The hard disk drive will appear dead.

Do not run "software" recovery programs in this state. They cause Disk I/O read / writes, and this exerts a lot of stress on the read/write heads, which in turn causes errors to be written onto the disk, further decreasing the chances of data recovery.

Crashed Hard Drive Heads: In the event of a head crash, the hard drive will most likely make a grinding or scraping noise. This is very serious and may strip the magnetic coating which holds data, off the platters. This is highly damaging to the drive.  Immediately turn the drive off and disconnect it from your computer. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO POWER ON THE COMPUTER OR THE HARD DRIVE AS THIS MAY CAUSE IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE. At this stage, you need to call the Data Recovery 24/7 technicians on 0333 5 777 120 who will advise you what to do next.

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