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FAQs on Data Recovery 24/7
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Data Recovery Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs:

Q: How long does your FREE data recovery analysis and media inspection and quotation take?
A: Usually we provide a data recovery analysis within 24 hours.

Q: What if I need my media inspected and quoted urgently?
A: We offer an urgent inspection and quotation service. We normally charge for an emergency inspection. Emergency media inspections are not queued and are dealt with immediately.

Q: How should I pack my hard drive?
A: See full media shipping instructions here.

Q: How do I ship the media to you?
A: Best way is to drop off your media. Click here to see the address details and directions on how to come to us. Opening times are here as well. However for those who can't do this, they are advised to either use a reliable courier company or pack it according to instructions given here and post it to us by Royal Mail Recorded or Special Delivery.

Q: Do I need to include anything in the parcel?
A: You have to fill out the shipping form, print it out, sign it and include it in the parcel that contains the hard drive.

Q: How do you classify your recoveries?
A: Usually we classify them as logical and physical. For more information about different types of data recovery click here.

Q: Are your costs for data recovery fixed?
A: Yes. After we inspect the media we will provide you with a quotation (fixed price) no matter how much time and resources have been used to complete the data recovery process the quoted price will not change.

Q: Are there any catches with your “No Data No Fee” policy?
A: NONE whatsoever. If we can not recover your data we will not charge you for the attempted recovery process. A small fee applies for the return of your media. If you choose not to have the media returned we will destroy and recycle it for you free of charge.

Q: Why do hard drives fail?
A: Hard drives like other electrical devices have a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). Due to the hard drive architecture, it will eventually fail. Most cases of media failures are either due to physical failure of the media or due to human error SEE HERE FOR MORE DETAILS..

Q: How do I know what you have recovered?
A: If you request, we will call you and review the recovered files with you over the phone or we can  email you a small text file as a report (also know as a “snapshot”) of the files and corresponding directories that we have been able to recover.

Q: How do you ship the data back to me in the UK?
A: We use Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or Royal Special Delivery. We use TNT and UPS for larger packages and laptops.

Q: In what format do you ship the data to me?
A: Up to ~40Gb we offer free DVD media (Approximately 10 DVD’s). Above ~40Gb charges apply and you may have to buy a USB hard drive from us for the data to be copied. Alternatively you can supply the destination media yourself.

Q: Can I drop off my hard drive?
A: Yes you certainly can. See here for address details and directions + opening hours.

Q: What about confidentiality of my data? Is it safe with you?
A: We are bound by the confidentiality clause in the Terms and Conditions of Service.

Q: How do you preserve safety and security of my data?
A: We store all recovered data on an encrypted SSAN (Secured Storage Area Network). After 8 days we wipe the data from the SSAN at a level that will render all data irrecoverable.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We only accept Visa/Master Card/Maestro/Solo and America Express. For amount larger that £3000, only bank transfers will be acceptable. Personal cheques are not accepted.

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